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Unadvanced Classes is a small expansion for Leek Lancers, adding five new classes to the vegetable combat larp.

UC's PDF is a single page, with a bare but easy to read layout that highlights the new classes without a lot of preamble.

And this is good, because the new classes are excellent.

Leek Lancers core has Agile, Brawny, and Technical classes. These allow you to dual-wield, take more hits, and throw your weapon respectively.

Unadvanced Classes gets way more creative. Tricky allows you to throw a non-damaging "handful of sand" attack by keeping beans in your pockets. Precise lets you dual-wield a smaller weapon and deal double damage if both weapons connect. Savage gives you a chance to launch a flurry of blows on an opponent after they've hit you, dealing damage back to them if any of your swings connect. Sneaky lets you win off of a rare backstab. And Monstrous lets you use non-vegetable weapons at the cost of lower HP.

Essentially, every class here adds an optional higher skill mode of gameplay. And Monstrous potentially adds PvE through the inclusion of a non-vegetable faction.

If you have or are planning to get Leek Lancers, I would strongly recommend also picking up Unadvanced Classes. It's fun and creative and makes for a great expansion to the game.

Minor Issues:

-Under Tricky, "you may throw then" them


Fixed the typo and explained a little better some things.

Thank you for your support and your kind words!


Thank you for writing the expansion!