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If you're like me, It means you hate money and you hate tracking money while GMing or playing a TTRPG, so here's a simple-stupid system to do it.

All characters have a track (kind of like an attribute), you may call it money, wallet, coinage, whatever; It goes from 0 to 6 and each number represents a dice following this progression:
0: 1d2 / 1: 1d4 / 2: 1d6 / 3: 1d8 / 4: 1d10 / 5: 1d12 / 6: 1d20

Everytime a character acquire a considerable amount ot [TREASURE] they gain another point on this track, whenever they want to buy something "important", they have to roll the dice and if they roll a 4 or higher, they buy it, if not, they don't have enough money for it for a whole month or until they gain more [TREASURE], the GM could even grant them automatic successes if they do so by acquiring more [TREASURE]. If you have 0, you're poor and can only buy basic stuff
Don't use this to buy common adventuring material, let your players have a portion of it for free (enough to fill a large backpack).

If the GM wants they can roll the dice instead of having the players do, so they can lie plan some sneaky shenanigans in case of a failure, maybe their money is stolen or they receive a fake product and realize it too late. Be a dick but don't be a dick always, leave it up to chance! 1-in-6 chance on a failure of you being scammed! (or something)

Now, assign a number from 1 to 6 to all "important items"/buyable items, 1 week worth of food may be a 1, a dagger may also be a 1, a shortsword may be a 2 and a minor magical item may be a 6 (big jump), whenever you buy an item, you take off the amount it's worth from your track, if you can't afford it, go get some money loser!

Tweak this system as pleased, increase the difficulty, lower the difficulty, add new tiers (Tier -1?, Tier 7: d30?), find loopholes to get extremely rich and complain about how many factors this system does not account for, I will probably not fix it but you might! Make fixing my mistakes a part of the fun. Goodbye I love you.

Have fun! I love you.

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I love this hack!

Thanks! It's pretty old stuff but I'm still really happy with it



I can't remember a game in which I or my friends used money or buy stuff but the day it'll happen I'll think about your system (and use it even if it will be distorted by my memories, which will only make it more fuzzy and fun)


Glad you enjoyed it! I particularly hate tracking money on my games so I understand your emotions.