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From about May 2017 to January 2021 I was the DM of an amazing d&d 5e spelljammer campaign that I dearly called Odisseia (Odyssey in English); I had a lot planned, ideas that were killed by anxiety and perfectionism, though my players loved every moment of my weird spacefaring adventure and I hold all our memories together, even the not as great ones, dear to my heart and wanted to congratulate them.

Troika! Has steadily become my favorite RPG system even though I’ve never played it (yet…), and unfortunately, I discovered it far to late, though it always brings back the memories of my former 5e campaign. As sort of a late parting gift the characters of my campaign, this document plans to bring then to life again in the Troika! Style, by turning them into playable backgrounds!

In this document, you will find 12 backgrounds for all your spacefaring, interspherical Troika! adventures.

This document is free and can be used and altered as pleased, but i would be happy if you mentioned me or left me some cents!

WARNING, this document is EXTREMELY poorly made and hard to read, this is my first work PDF-wise and i made it for fun; graphic design is not my passion; Good luck!

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